Animal Badge in a Bag®
Take a look! This is our first "grab and go" Badge in a Bag. You'll have absolutely no prep or need any other supplies than what is included in our "bag".

Get it while you can! This "Bag" is being discontinued to make room for new "Badge in a Bags". The current Brownie Animal Try-It is being retired by GSUSA. Make sure to pick up your Try-Its from the council store while they still have availablity.

LESS THAN 30ยข  PER PROJECT                 Kit contains supplies for a maximum of 12 scouts to do four activities. Order a "bag of extras" for troops up to 16. Order 2 full bags for troops of 17 or more.

A great kit for any group... not just for Brownies Available with a "Bag of Extras" for leaders who like to make samples, have extra supplies on hand or to stretch your kit for four additional kids.

If you are a Brownie leader and would like to use this kit to complete your Animals Try-It, here is our suggestion for fulfilling the requirements. Of course, it is not meant to infringe upon your own interpretation of the badge or the requirements printed in the Try-It book.

Requirement 1 - Caring for Pets
Kit includes cute 6" stuffed frogs who need daily hugs and kisses. Name your frog and remember to hug it everyday. (Explain that live pets need much more care such as food, water and exercise. You can expand upon this idea by telling your group to carry around their frogs for the rest of the meeting or outing even if it is inconvenient.)

Requirement 2 - Understanding Animals
Some animals may look friendly but are really wild animals. Our kit includes friendly looking animal stickers that are really stickers of wild animals. Build an animal face on the included jumbo craft stick while you discuss the right way to observe wild animals.

Requirement 3 - Creature Moves
Kit includes 12 different small plastic animals and a paper bag. Place all the animals in the bag. Reach in a pull out an animal. Move like that animal while the others in your group guess your animal.

Requirement 5 - Animal Sounds
Kit includes 12 assorted animal masks. Take turns trying on the masks and making sounds like the animals.

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We took our bag to the park on a nice day and really enjoyed doing the activities outside. It was fun for the kids and super easy for me.

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